OMG! Zettabyte, bitcoin and hashtag are some of the tech terms in the updated Oxford Mini Dictionary

It might be small, but the fifth edition of the Australian Mini Oxford Dictionary offers an insight into the ever-changing nature of Australian English.

Many words have newly entered the dictionary, and technological words were particularly prominent additions in the latest update, released today.

These include:

  • augmented reality
  • bitcoin
  • blockchain
  • broadband
  • content provider
  • crowdfunding
  • cryptocurrency
  • emoji
  • encrypt
  • geoblocking
  • hashtag
  • hyperlink
  • livestream
  • malware
  • paywall
  • phablet
  • photobomb
  • smartphone
  • tap and go
  • USB
  • VPN
  • widget

Australian National Dictionary editor Mark Gwynn said the additions reflected the role of technology in modern lives.

These new entries reflect the increasing integration of the online, computer, and social media spheres into people’s lives.”

Other additions reflected social and cultural change in contemporary society, for example:

  • cisgender
  • dashcam
  • EpiPen
  • flash mob
  • fracking
  • gamer
  • geocaching
  • intersex
  • OMG
  • paywave
  • pop-up
  • robocall
  • selfie
  • sext
  • vape
  • vax
  • YOLO

The dictionary has been thoroughly revised, taking into account the recent editions of the Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary (8th ed. 2019), the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary (6th ed. 2017), the Australian National Dictionary (2nd ed. 2016), and the work of Oxford Dictionaries worldwide.

Approximately 460 new words were added, with about 1,120 updates and edits to existing entries.

In addition, there were many new entries that reflected the evolving nature of Australian English. These included:

  • acknowledgement of country
  • boofy
  • boundary rider
  • buckjumping
  • cruisy
  • doof
  • doover
  • friand
  • goon
  • long black
  • negative gearing
  • pilchers
  • pollie
  • puggle
  • ranga
  • skol
  • tall poppy

The Australian Mini Oxford Dictionary is available at

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