Have you made a resolution for 2015?


It’s that time again: new year, new you.

Some of the staff here at Oxford have made resolutions and not all of them are about reading more in 2015 (well, maybe some are!) They share them here:

I’ve resolved to say yes to new and slightly scary opportunities.
Cate, Design

I have a really silly (but I think achievable) resolution, which is to learn how to do a handstand!
Alyce, Higher Education Marketing

To be a BOP (beacon of positivity)!
Peter, Managing Director

To read at least one book every three days in 2015.
Susannah, Sales Operations 

One of my 2015 NY resolutions this year is to pick up a new skill – I’d like to be able to crochet an amigurumi toy before the end of the year.
Alicia, Primary Editorial

To spend more time with my family.
Fatih, Production Systems

This year I want to learn to properly touch type!
Laura, Higher Education Editorial

To spend more time outdoors. Oh and ban mobile phones in the bedroom!
Sharada, Human Resources

To hold a conversation about cricket for at least three minutes, and understand every word.
Angela, Marketing Operations

To give up coffee and drink more green tea.
Anita, Primary Publishing

To use fewer plastic bags at the supermarket.
Alana, Secondary Marketing

Mine is to read more books!  The more exercise thing never works for me.
Jane, Production

To skip fewer gym sessions.
Derek, Higher Education Sales

One of my 2015 resolutions is to read more as well as try to widen my reading tastes. In 2014 I aimed to read a book a week and was surprisingly was able to complete this, so next year I’d like to try and read at least one of the ‘classics’ a month.
Stephanie, Higher Education Marketing

To drink more… water!
Ann, Sales Operations

What are your new year resolutions? Do you think you will stick to it?!

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