Ask the Expert: Anne Bayetto

Anne BayettoAnne lectures in Special Education at Flinders University, South Australia, and focuses on literacy and numeracy students with learning difficulties. Anne brings her knowledge of assessment, planning and the instruction of reading and written language to classroom practitioners.

As the author of the Oxford Wordlist Stage 2 Research Study Summary Report, Read Record Respond and Spell Record, Respond: Moving from Assessment to Instruction, Anne provides professional development to school leaders and educators.

Why do we need a range of strategies to teach reading?

Read Record Respond, Oxford, OUPANZ‘There is no ‘one way’ to teach reading because students in a class have diverse understandings, knowledge and skills. No single approach will suit all learners at the same point in time and your decisions will be informed by the careful selection and use of assessment processes undertaken prior, during and following instruction that guide what needs to be learned next. In my book Read Record Respond, I provide more than 500 reading strategies to help move educators from assessment to instruction, and to help develop students into independent and successful readers.’

To hear more from Anne, CLICK HERE to view a range of videos she has filmed with the Australian Primary Principals Association.

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5 thoughts on “Ask the Expert: Anne Bayetto

  1. Hi Anne, in an Oxford Literacy brochure for the first edition of Read, Record and Respond there was a wonderful flow diagram that showed the process from Assessment to Instruction but it wasn’t in the book. Where can I find a copy of this diagram? Thanks Liz

  2. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for getting in touch and for letting us know that the flow diagram was useful. The diagram that you’re referring to was in Read, Record and Respond, but in case it’s difficult to find, I’ll email it to you.
    Please let me know if it’s not the one you were after.
    Kind regards

  3. Dear Anne,

    I am wanting to cite your excellent article on oral language but am unsure of publisher and date. Could you please advise?



    • Hi Natasha,
      Here are the details of the article: Bayetto, A. (2015). Oral language. Canberra, Aus: Australian Primary Principals’ Association.
      Kind regards,

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