Oxford Word of the Month: August – honey joy

noun: a honey-flavoured biscuit containing cornflakes. THE STORY BEHIND THE WORD OF THE MONTH In 1938 a simple recipe for a crisp honey-flavoured biscuit appeared in a Victorian newspaper:

Honey Joys … Five cups cornflakes, 3 dessert-spoons butter, 2 table-spoons castor sugar, 1 table-spoon honey. Melt butter, sugar, and honey; mix in the cornflakes, put into paper patty cases, and bake in a moderate oven for three minutes. Take out, and leave to set. (Melbourne Argus, 13 July)

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Oxford Word of the Month: July – Shoey

noun: the act of drinking an alcoholic beverage out of a shoe, especially to celebrate a win. THE STORY BEHIND THE WORD OF THE MONTH The shoey is an Australian phenomenon that shot to international fame in 2016, thanks to Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo. He came second in the German Grand Prix in August and on the winners’ podium performed a shoey for the crowd, filling his shoe with champagne and drinking it. The international press were amused and horrified in equal measure.

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