Making music to support social and emotional development

The Amani Project believes when young people are empowered with good emotional health and well-being they thrive. They support a range of local programs around the world that help young people aged 8-14 to develop the emotional resources they need to flourish, no matter what their starting point. These programs can create connections between young people within their communities that help them realise their full potential.

Oxford is proud to support the Amani Project in the work it does to provide opportunities for young people to create connections and embrace programs that harness the power of music-making.

Find out more about how Oxford is supporting Armani Project with a free series of music-making activities.

Amani Project activity #1: Make an instrument

Access the activity to make an instrument here

Amani Project activity #2: The 5 elements of music
Access the activity to here

Amani Project activity #3: Teach the mood meter
Access the activity here

Amani Project activity #4: Harmony break! mood meter floor board
Access activity here

Amani Project activity #5: Mood shifting
Access the mood shifting activity here

Amani Project activity #6: Finding emotions with music
Access the activity here

Amani Project activity #7: Write a CoronaKindness song
Access the songwriting activity here

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