Read Write Inc. gains national media attention for its impact on literacy at an NT school

The Read Write Inc. program has been credited for turning students at Tennant Creek Primary School into confident and fluent readers.

In an ABC News report, students and teachers spoke about the impact the program had made on their confidence and ability since its introduction last year.

The Year 5 students even used their newly developed literacy skills to write a children’s book, titled Otto’s New Shoes.  

Teacher Jocelyn Seamer said Read Write Inc. had made a significant impact on the students’ literacy skills. Some students who struggled with simple words could now read more than 90 words a minute with confidence. She said that as a result of improving their literacy skills and writing the book, “They feel they can take over the world.”

She and the assistant principal at the school have noticed the students’ improved engagement in their learning.

“It makes getting out of bed every day and coming to work a pleasure.”

Students agreed that their literacy had turned around as a result of Read Write Inc.

Grade 5 student Simon Sager said, “It’s helped me read better and it’s encouraged me to sounds more words out. It makes me feel proud and good.”

Read Write Inc. is a dynamic, whole-school approach to teaching systematic synthetic phonics. Used in primary schools, it is proven to create fluent, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers and willing writers. It incorporates effective classroom management strategies that ensure participation and fast progress for all students, and comes with comprehensive lesson plans and assessment resources.

View the segment on the OUP Australia website.

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