Oxford resources shortlisted in Educational Publishing Australia Awards

Oxford resources have been resources shortlisted in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary categories of the Educational Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA).

Organised by the Australian Publishers Association and sponsored by the Copyright Agency, the prestigious EPAAs recognise excellence and innovation within the educational publishing industry.

We congratulate all who were involved in publishing the shortlisted resources across the following categories and look forward to the announcement of the winners on 4 September, 2019.


 Student Resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)

Oxford Reading for Comprehension

Oxford Reading for Comprehension is a research-based guided reading series for Years Foundation to Grade 3. The series comprises 250 full-colour engaging fiction and non-fiction books with captivating characters and stories designed to appeal to young Australians. All 250 texts have been carefully levelled for Years F–3 against Oxford Levels 1+ to 11 and Reading Levels 1 to 26.

The series is organised into 10 popular themes: Fantasy, Animals, Family and Friends, Food, Places, Environment, Health and Sport, Australian Stories, Art, and History. Every text supports the teaching of one of the seven comprehension strategies from the Comprehension Skills Framework. 


Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science

Chemistry for Queensland Units 1 & 2 Student book +obook assess

Chemistry for Queensland Units 1 & 2 covers information from Unit 1: Chemical fundamentals – structure, properties and reactions including atomic structure, the structure of materials, and chemical reactions, and Unit 2: Molecular interactions and reactions including intermolecular forces and gases, aqueous solutions and acidity, and the rates of chemical reactions.

The Student book includes a number of features and is supported by a range of additional digital resources via the obook assess platform. These resources support teachers and students.

Student Resource – Senior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

English for Queensland Units 1 & 2 Student book + obook assess
Physical Education for Queensland Units 1 & 2 2E Student book + obook assess

English for Queensland is designed to exemplify possible learning pathways and model approaches to text analysis and creation by providing depth and complete coverage of the new syllabus in a format that encourages all students to succeed.

With our English for Queensland Units 1 & 2 title, teachers can trust our expert Queensland authors and award-winning publishing team to support them with the tools and resources they need to implement the new Senior English syllabus. Our Senior English resources are designed to reduce the stress of syllabus implementation, save teachers time when lesson planning, and ensure the best learning outcomes for students.

 Teaching Resource (Secondary)

Physical Education for Queensland Units 1 & 2 2E Teacher obook assess

Physical Education for Queensland Units 1 & 2 features in-depth content supported by a range of engaging media articles, case studies and practicals designed to bring Units 1 & 2 of the new QCAA Syllabus to life.

Unit 1 addresses motor learning, functional anatomy and biomechanics, while Unit 2 investigates sports psychology and equity. Physical activity is covered in both Units 1 and 2.

Physical Education for Queensland Units 1 & 2 also includes the ‘Physical Education Toolkit’, a stand-alone reference section that explains the structure of the new syllabus, supports the acquisition of key skills and provides practical tips for assessment success.


Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning – print 

The Child in Focus: Learning and Teaching in Early Childhood Education

Addressing the latest changes in the curriculum, The Child in Focus incorporates the full range of the early years from birth to age 8 while linking to specific subject areas. It provides an all-round introduction for students beginning an early childhood education program.

Part 1 is an introduction to childhood and the concepts which form early childhood education. Part 2 covers discrete subject areas along with curriculum and pedagogy. Part 3 focuses on professional practice and teaching skills, providing students with the grounding knowledge to continue in their degree.

The Child in Focus recognises the important role early childhood educators and teachers play in society and focuses on providing the foundational skills and knowledge for students to succeed in these roles. It is filled with contemporary content and has a strong emphasis on the development of critical reflection and adaptability to respond to increasingly complex social and family issues.

Learning through Play: Creating a Play Based Approach within Early Childhood Contexts

Learning Through Play translates the theory of play into practice while seamlessly integrating the Australian Curriculum, government policy and current trends. It aims to create a shared understanding of play and play-based pedagogies that positively influence the everyday practices of educators and improve the learning experiences of children. The book extensively covers the various contexts that children may engage with during the early years – the period from birth to age 8.

Learning Through Play is structured to complement the Early Years Learning Framework and early childhood education studies. It begins by drawing on theories to discuss the centrality of play to children’s development and learning, then delves into the practicalities and challenges of implementing these play-based approaches, and finally discusses the future of play in early childhood contexts. With several learning features that blend theory, context and practical skills, Learning Through Play will not only help pre-service teachers to understand play in principle and in practice, but also to advocate articulately for play-based approaches.

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