Oxford recognised for excellence in textbook design in awards longlist

Book design plays an important role in the effectiveness of a textbook. Good design captures the attention of the reader and ensures content is presented in a way that is clear, meaningful and memorable.

The quality of design used in Oxford University Press textbooks has been acknowledged in the 66th Annual Australian Book Design Awards, with four OUP Australia books appearing in the longlist.

The books that appeared in the Best Designed Educational Tertiary Book category are:

Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice


Community and Human Services

Community and services

Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

Diversity inclusion

 Youth & Society 

Youth and society

OUP Australia Design Manager Sue Dani said design was crucial to the success of a textbook.

“Effective educational design encourages students to want to explore and learn more,” she said.

Graphic designer Nina Heryanto was behind the eye-catching design of Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice. She said she and a team of designers had worked over two years to perfect the look and functionality of the textbook.

“The designers started by developing a mood board to determine the look and feel of the book, then produced cover design concepts, from which a few were chosen for further developments and considerations by the rest of the team.

“We created a logo, which we used in illustrations of everyday products,” she said.

The design is closely aligned with the content of the textbook, ensuring the information is relevant and memorable for the reader.

“It reflects the emphasis on fast-moving consumer goods – everyday purchases and items that are familiar and accessible.”

The textbook features original illustrations both on its cover and the chapter pages throughout.

“Illustrations really suited the subject, given that marketing is a creative industry,” Nina said.

The winners of the Australian Book Design Awards will be announced on 25 May.



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