Kwaussie in conversation

The Australian Word of the Year 2017 has attracted plenty of attention, from those who are celebrating the merging of the Kiwi and the Aussie, to those who are surprised by its selection.

Kwaussie, defined as a person who is a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand; a New Zealander living in Australia; a person of Australian and New Zealand descent, was selected by the Australian National Dictionary Centre at the Australian National University from a shortlist of words that reflect the  significant events of 2017 that shaped the Australian political, cultural and social landscape this year.

However, if you want to know more about the word and its origins, here is Australian National Dictionary Centre Director Amanda Laugesen speaking on the ABC today.

ABC Hobart (Mornings with Leon Compton)

ABC Radio National (with Fran Kelly)

ABC Radio Canberra (with Dan  Bourchier)

Have your say on whether Kwaussie is the best choice for Australia’s Word of the Year.


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