‘Donoghue Day’ wins Connecting with Law Short Film Competition

The Connecting with Law Short Film Competition is an annual event run by Oxford University Press Australia & New Zealand. It is open to all students enrolled in an Australian law degree and has proven itself to be unique way of encouraging law students to connect with their field of study and contribute to legal education.

For the Tenth Anniversary of the competition, students were invited to make a two-to-five-minute film exploring the theme, ‘Groundbreakers: people, cases or judgements that have changed the shape of Australian law.’ The winning entry was judged to be the most imaginative, instructive and original, with the team demonstrating an ability to reflect creatively on the theme.

1st prize winner: Donoghue Day
Kit Mun Lee, Liam Hartley, Quang Nguyen, Julaicka Sala
(University of Melbourne)

Donoghue Day is an uplifting and humorous mock-documentary film that follows the endeavours of a law student who strives to put himself into the shoes of May Donoghue as she uncovered the foundational duty of care principle.

Featuring a University of Melbourne law professor, campus pub owner and a rather lucrative personal injury barrister, join this law student’s adventures as he finds out why Donoghue Day is worth celebrating.

Congratulations to the team involved and thank you to everyone who submitted entries.

We would also like to take this time to announce that this was the final Connecting with Law Short Film Competition. We believe it is very fitting to end on such a wonderful representation of that famous case of the snail in a bottle.

Thank you for your support over the last 10 years. To view the winning entry and previous winners, please visit our website.

Please note: due to the limited number of entries, we have decided to only award first place.

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