Oxford’s Australian Words of 2015

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Each year the ANDC selects a Word of the Year. The words chosen for the shortlist are not necessarily new, or exclusively Australian, but are selected on the basis of having come to some prominence in the Australian social and cultural landscape during the year.

Oxford Word of the Year – 2015: Sharing economy

The Oxford Word of the Month is written by members of the ANDC and published each month by Oxford University Press Australia. Each Word of the Month looks at an Australian word or term in some detail, providing a history of the term and its role in current Australian society.
In 2015, the Word of the Month covered:

January: Fridging
February: Eggshell blonde
March: Ned Kelly beard
 April: Big Stoush
May: Spill
June: Hubbard
July: Hoon operation
August: Tip turkey
September: CUB
October: Flagfall
November: Schmick up
December: Humidicrib

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