Super Happy Magic Forest: a review


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This month we are anticipating the release of an exciting and epic adventure in the Super Happy Magic Forest. To celebrate this super happy magic release,  Stephanie, age 6, reviewed the book and told us about her favourite characters.
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  1. What score would you give this book out of 5?
    1 = throw it away
    2 = it was ok
    3 = I might read it again if bored
    4 = I liked it a lot
    5 = it’s awesome and I want to read it again 
  2. Who was your favourite character?
    Trevor and denise*.
  3. Why were they your favourite?
    I like trevor because he is funny. I like Denise* because she is pretty.
  4. Can you draw a picture of your favourite character? SMHF Review_Stephanie6_Page_2_croppedSMHF Review_Stephanie6_Page_3_cropped
  5. What was your favourite part of the story?
    When oldoak gets put in a place where evryone there is evil it is a fair place for him.
  6. Do you have a favourite illustration?
    I liked the SUPER CREEPY haunted forest because when I look at it, it makes me feel brave.SMHF Review_Stephanie6_Page_4_cropped
  7. Is there a part of the story you don’t like?
  8. Would you like to read another epic adventure with these characters?

*Denise is called Dennis in the book.

9780192742957Super Happy Magic Forest

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