Total Food 2: The story behind the cover

9780195594553Total Food 2, published in January 2015, was nominated for Best Designed Educational Primary/Secondary Book at the 63rd Australian Book Design Awards, and we are proud to announce the book won its category.

Cover Designer Kim Ferguson
Internal Designers Kim Ferguson, Aisling Gallagher & Sue Dani

Now Kim Ferguson, the cover designer, talks us through the cover Total Food 2:

  1. What was the brief you were given?
    The brief for Total Food covers was to be ‘fun, personable, friendly, playful, positive and inviting’. The publisher wanted to really tap into the similar ethic that Jamie Oliver has – making learning about good food, growing, cooking and eating an enjoyable and easy part of a children lifestyle.Kim 3
  1. How did you come up with the concept for this cover?
    The idea of using youthful hands holding raw food developed through the process of image research. The simple presentation of food being held by a teenager seemed a really subtle but strong way to show the process of eating food – from the starting point of picking fresh food.
  1. What made you choose the photograph on the cover?
    After extensive searching the final image for the cover was chosen for it’s striking colour and fresh lighting. It struck me as being modern, youthful and showing the rich deliciousness of raw, fresh food!
  1. What is your favourite thing about the cover?
    My favourite thing about the cover is the contrast of the vibrant colours – looks so yum (and any chance to slip some pink on a cover is a win!)
  1. What did you enjoy most about working on this cover?
    Finding so many great images that I wanted to use!

    Kim 1
  1. What was the most challenging aspect?
    The most challenging aspect of the cover designs was to find a shared vision for the imagery and to not eat too much after looking at food images all day!
    Kim 2
  1. What is something about this cover we might not know?
    That the original image showed the girl wearing some lovely gold bracelets that I Photoshopped out to allow the text to be more legible!

Congratulations to the Total Food 2 design team.

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