Commemorating 100 years

Between 2014 and 2018 Australia will remember the Anzac Centenary, marking 100 years since World War One. To commemorate, we continue to publish a range of essential history and literature books. Explore Australia’s role in the First World War with our Centenary History of Australia and the Great War series or examine the slang of the trenches in Furphies and Whizz-bangs. Don’t miss our special centenary offer below.

9780195597356Furphies and Whizz-bangs: Anzac Slang from the Great War
This book tells the story of the First World War through an examination of the slang used by Australian soldiers. Drawing on a range of primary source material taken from soldiers’ letters, diaries and trench publications, along with contemporary newspapers and books, the language of the Australian soldiers is brought to life. It tells us of the everyday grumblings of the soldiers, the horrors of the battlefield, and the humour they used as they tried to endure the war.

Great-war-seriesThe Centenary History of Australia and the Great War series
A new 5-volume series providing a fresh perspective on Australia’s involvement in the First World War.

Volume 1: Australia and the War in the Air
Volume 2: The War with the Ottoman Empire
Volume 3: The War with Germany
Volume 4: The War at Home
Volume 5: The Australian Imperial Force

9780195578584In All Respects Ready: Australia’s Navy in World War One
Written by Australia’s foremost naval historian, In All Respects Ready presents the most comprehensive and authoritative account of the Australian Navy’s involvement in World War I yet published. Impeccably researched, and drawing on a wealth of previously untapped official reports, intelligence summaries and private diaries, this book offers far more than a chronicle of historical fact. Crafting the definitive work on this largely ignored chapter of Australian history, the author presents an engaging narrative of the war at sea that brings to life both the human element and a richly depicted sense of place.

9780199663385The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War
The Oxford History of the First World War brings together in one volume many of the most distinguished historians of the conflict, in an account that matches the scale of the events. From its causes to its consequences, from the Western Front to the Eastern, from the strategy of the politicians to the tactics of the generals, they chart the course of the war and assess its profound political and human consequences. This highly illustrated revised edition contains significant new material to mark the 100th anniversary of the war’s outbreak.

9780198704478The New Oxford Book of War Poetry
There can be no area of human experience that has generated a wider range of powerful feelings than war. Jon Stallworthy’s classic anthology spans centuries of human experience of conflict, from David’s Lament for Saul and Jonathon, and Homer’s Iliad to the finest poems of the First and Second World Wars, and beyond. The roll-call of writers is huge – more than 150 celebratory ‘war-songs’ to the twentieth century’s darker poetic responses to ‘man’s inhumanity to man’. Here are Virgil and Chaucer, Spenser and Donne, Marvell and Dryden; Coleridge, Shelley, and Browning; Hugo, Whitman, and Rike, as well as the whole sweep of twentieth-century writers.

9780199665389The Month that Changed the World: July 1914
On 28 June 1914 the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in the Balkans. Five fateful weeks later the Great Powers of Europe were at war. Much time and ink has been spent ever since trying to identify the ‘guilty’ person or state responsible, or alternatively attempting to explain the underlying forces that ‘inevitably’ led to war in 1914. Unsatisfied with these explanations, Gordon Martel now goes back to the contemporary diplomatic, military, and political records to investigate the twists and turns of the crisis afresh, with the aim of establishing just how the catastrophe really unfurled.

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